Friday, December 10, 2010

Swamp Monster caught on trail cam

Let's nip this in the bud.
This story is popping up on all of the blogs I read and thankfully, most people agree that it's fake. However, the fact that it made the news is sad.
Ok, yeah, it looks pretty fake, but the submitter claims "this is not a hoax!". Really? Was it a hoax the previous time you submitted it to a trail cam forum?

Hmm, something fishy going on here... Did you see it?



  1. The guy who sent this in tells us "this is totally for real"!

  2. The "viral marketing" angle seems to have some substance, since Insomniac Games is basically taking credit for the creature seen in the photograph:!/insomniacgames/status/13297566791761920

  3. Ah, my apologies. Just seen your follow up post to this one.

  4. I think on both accounts it's fan speculation (for resistance 3 and super 8). I'm holding my ground on simple hoax for now, until I see evidence to the contrary.

  5. Maybe try and locate more photos of different stances of this alleged swamp monster.

  6. But it is obviously a hoax the same photo was posted twice at different times.