Saturday, December 11, 2010

Swamp Monster addendum

Update: postulates that the swamp monster photo is part of a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming Resistance 3. Insomniac games' tweeted
Whoops… looks like one got out. If you see a Grim on the loose… please return to Insomniac Games, Burbank, CA:
The "Grim" is a new strain of the Chimera enemy that first appeared in Resistance 2.

I make no claims to the accuracy of this report.

Newer update:
More internet speculation. According to, this image is Super 8 viral marketing that began on a hunting supply site's Facebook page and wended its way to mainstream media:
It first appeared on Wildgame Innovation's Facebook page. It is a picture reportedly snapped by a deer hunter on a reserve in Berwick, near Morgan City, Louisianna [sic]. It was originally being passed off as real, but now inside sources close to the production say its actually a viral image from Super 8 (the Steven Spielberg-produced and J.J. Abrams-directed alien flick ). There is even video from a young Weirton, West Virginia extra called "Crying Girl", who talks about having a run in with this creature in the movie.

I'm going to maintain the position that this is just a simple hoax for now.

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